It takes a village to create a content marketing video that sells

Each week we meet with people who look after their organisations content marketing strategy. Commonly it’s one person with the title of Marketing Manager, or Content Manager, or Marketing Coordinator and they alone are entirely responsible for telling their brand’s story.

It takes a Village

The first thing they say to us is, “I can’t do it all” and trust us they’ve tried. These are highly competent professionals who are required to manage socials, traditional media ads, EDM’s and the website and on the weekly, their boss says to them “We have to be doing video!” and the content manager replies “I know!”.

They increasingly become disillusioned with their role, because they know telling their brand’s story can build trust with their customers and generate leads, but they don’t have the hours to execute their strategy.

Some will even engage a supplier to deliver their video marketing and think all their woes are solved until that supplier ends up wanting to take over their social media and their website (on a pricey monthly retainer of course!). Worst still, they deliver video content that the brand does not connect with and certainly does not feel proud to distribute.

This is an increasingly common scenario faced by content marketers, and it costs them their job confidence and satisfaction and the organisation they work for a lot of wasted money! And it’s hardly surprising; there is no way we could deliver one video, with just one person, leave alone an entire content marketing strategy.

At She Digital when we produce video some or all of these specialists will combine to deliver it: Client Integration Manager, Creative Director, Writer, Videographer, Sound Technician, Producer, Host, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and VFX Artist. Phew! No wonder Content Managers are feeling burnt out and disillusioned.

Heavy Investment in Technology

And we don’t only engage people to help brands uncover stories that sell. We also invest heavily in technology and software that streamlines our processes allowing us to deliver video content back to our clients just ten days after the shoot date.

It’s no wonder, so many brands consider She Digital an extension of their marketing department. We release the time pressures experienced by content marketers by contributing resources in the right areas.

We work alongside content marketers, by immersing ourselves in their business, to uncover stories, produce video content that sells and help to distribute that content in the right way.

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