Start small. Start now.

New year’s resolutions put an unnecessary amount of pressure to start something new. It’s when many of us commit to a new exercise regime, career goals, or eating plan. Often the ambitions require such a tornado of change that they crumble.

Now that we are almost two weeks into the new year, chances are any resolutions you’ve set for yourself have already fallen over. Perhaps you feel guilty about this? Guilt is, at best, a wasted emotion and an entanglement of vines anchoring you to the past at worst.

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t need a set date like January 1. There is no better time than right now to embrace impermanence. Moreso than ever, the world demands that people adapt to the constantly fluctuating tides of life.

The key to successfully implementing change is starting small and starting now, which is much better than “starting big, later”. 

So, where to start? Commit today to leave everyone you meet better than you found them, with no expectation of how they respond. Given every action has a reaction, chances are you won’t only change their day, you’ll improve your own. Interaction by interaction, you’ll change the day. Day by day, you’ll change the world.

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