7 Reasons to use Video Marketing in Your Strategy

Are you reading up on the latest trends in marketing? Do you keep hearing about content marketing and how important video is? But what is it about video in a marketing strategy that make it so important?

There are countless reasons for incorporating video in your marketing strategy, but these top 7 will have you storyboarding before the day’s end.

1. Mobile Friendly

Videos are easily viewed on mobile phones and perfectly placed to engage potential customers during their morning public transport commute and lunchtime scroll. Mobile users are opting to absorb everything from television programmes to their daily news on their device, and this trend continues to grow.

Mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. (Kallas)

With a ready and willing audience, incorporating video in your content strategy is a no-brainer.

2. A picture paints a 1000 words!

Consumers are harder to engage than ever before with their on-the-go lifestyle, but video appears to be the form of content that can cut through the distractions.

Video is easy to consume, engaging, and time efficient. To view a quick video in less than 2 minutes can give you the same amount of information as a 5-minute blog and is proven to be a much more memorable way of delivering content. While copy might be quicker and easier to produce than professional, high-quality video, the video will have a more significant impact.

When someone views information via video, they retain 95% of it. That number is all the more incredible when you consider that only 10% is retained through reading. (Grosman)


3. The numbers don’t lie.

There are endless statistics available to confirm that video content marketing works. Stats also suggest that its use in marketing strategy continues to grow and consumers prefer it.

None more significant than these:

• 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. (Bowman)

• Video is consumers #1 favourite type of content to see from brands on social media. (O’Neill)

• Companies that use video marketing see 41% more organic traffic than those that don’t. (Grosman)

Ultimately, video is what the people want (so give it to them).


4. Conversions and Return on Investment

It’s all well and good to produce and distribute high quality video for marketing, but the real measure of its success can only be determined by the return on investment. The statistics certainly suggest that video will deliver:

Adding a product video on your landing page can

increase conversions by 80%. (Kallas)

Videos on landing pages increase the time spent on that landing page along with improving the number of visits that convert to sales. Videos with a compelling CTA (call to action) and clickable links to your website from other digital platforms, will also improve conversions and thus your return on investment.


5. Shareable

The sharing capabilities of video content can make a quality piece of video go viral (the right kind of viral). A video can be uploaded to YouTube, a business landing page, Facebook, LinkedIn and much more. From there it can be shared time and time again. In many ways, through sharing on a digital platform, your followers do the advertising for you.


6. Builds brand confidence

People no longer want to read about products and services before committing to a purchase, they want to see it.

Videos build brand confidence, particularly explainer videos, company history videos and videos featuring testimonials. Testimonials in video format are one of the most proven methods for increasing trust in a brand.


By showing how other customers have benefited from your product, you’re going to be encouraging prospects to take action. (Smart Insights)


7. Your competitors are using it.

One of the most compelling reasons is that your competitors are likely to be investing in social media, video content, and their online presence as part of their marketing strategy going forward. To risk being left behind is to risk the success of your business.

The evidence is in, and video is not going anywhere anytime soon. Want to know more about how to incorporate video marketing in your content strategy?

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