5 Secrets to Successful Video Marketing

So the verdict is in. Video needs to be a part of your business’ marketing strategy going forward. But not just any video will do. Here are 5 secrets to ensuring your video content marketing is a click-worthy investment.

Video on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by 80%, and the mere mention of the word “video” in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions. (Collins and Conley, HubSpot)

1. Invest in the pre-production phase

An investment in video needs to be part of a well thought out and long term strategy. Pre-production is where all the decisions that determine whether your video and subsequent campaign will be a success.

Making on-set decisions and script alterations can both eat away at your budget and distort the key objectives of your video content. Have a clear vision, strategy and script mapped out well and truly before shoot day.

2. Mobile Friendly content

70% of all YouTube views are now done on a mobile device (Cooper 2019). You need to ensure that your video is designed to be viewed effectively on small  hand held devices as that is likely where most of your viewers will access it. Websites, blogs and videos need to evolve with their viewers and be mobile phone and tablet friendly, or they wont get their message across.

3. Tell a story and connect

There is nothing more off-putting for a potential customer than content that reaks of used car salesman.

Be subtle in your sales approach and opt instead to tell your brand story. Consider:

  • How have you helped customers in the past?
  • Are you a small family business with a history in your local community?
  • Can you include positive and authentic testimonials in your video marketing?

These are the stories that will keep your viewers engaged until the end, the ultimate place to include a ‘call to action’.

4. Don’t forget the ‘Call to Action’

Without a call to action, the step telling your viewers what to do next, your video marketing is unlikely to lead to conversions.

“If there is no CTA, they’ll probably just leave (and forget) your website without performing any specific task beneficial to them or your business.” (Smart Insights)

The most effective CTAs in video have easily clickable links embedded at the end and language choices that suggest there is a sense of urgency or a strong reward for following the hyperlink.

5. Make sure it’s quality over quantity

We need to produce less (crap) content. We need to reach fewer (disinterested) people. We need to press the reset button and start again. (Corrigan)

Video marketing is certainly a science; a blend of psychology, artistry, technology and literacy. When all of these elements don’t come together effectively, it’s a marketing strategy that is best left alone.

Grandma isn’t interested in Showpo’s latest summer range any more than a 4 year old wants to hear about superannuation funds. Views do not equal conversions and distributing mass amounts of content without strategy is not going to lead to a return on investment.

Distributing only quality content, that is in line with your brand strategy, and to a targeted audience, is the only way to successfully turn your investment in content marketing into a conversion.

Now that you’re in on the secrets to successful video content marketing, the next step is to get started with video content marketing.(link to how to get started blog).


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