We have developed a checklist to help you get underway fast.

This checklist will help you:

  • Manage the budget
  • Allocate tasks and responsibilities
  • Realise the creative brief

There are many steps in the lead up to, and post-production, of quality video content. All are an essential part of ensuring investment in video content is money well spent.


Pre-production is actually the most important stage in creating a successful video campaign. Here is a pre-production checklist that will help you get underway:

1. Define Audience

This needs to be defined early on. This should include your understanding of your current client demographic and consider who your brand needs to appeal to for growth.

2. Purpose

Like any good story, your videos message needs to be clear, consistent and on topic from beginning to end. A defined message is important to pin down in pre-production stage. A storyboard should be developed to guide this.

3. Budget

Video can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be … if you set a budget. Setting your budget will be determined by factors like: Will you be managing and executing the production or do you need to consider the cost of hiring a film team to direct, film, and edit your video?

4. Talent/Graphics

Who will feature in the video? Will your video need text or graphics in post-production to tell the story?

5. Script

Start with a brief and keep it conversational and succinct. A good script should not be trying to sell, but tell a story.

6. Location

Scouting a location needs thorough consideration for example a  public location may need a permit from a local council. Other location options include a studio, private house or your business address.

7. Call Sheet

A call sheet is useful for executing a well organised shoot and delivering a quick turnaround. Ideal for all kinds of shoots including interviews, documentaries, photoshoots, digital media and online videos. The call sheet should include location information, shoot and meal schedule, talent contact details and department notes.

Production (Shoot Day)

With time invested in pre-production, shoot day should be a smooth and enjoyable process.

The following steps and decisions will need to be made on shoot day:
  • Collect Release Forms
  • Keep a checklist of everything that needs to be done
  • Communicate with talent and crew throughout the shoot.
  • Request more footage than you think you will need

Post Production

Post-production is where all the hard work pays off and our expert creative team creates a polished and valuable piece of video marketing content, ready to take your business to the next level.

The following is involved in the post-production stage:

  • Editing
  • Graphics and Text inclusions
  • Music overlay
  • The final step of video production is to review the finished product.

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