Women are responsible for a majority of household financial decisions and are a very important demographic to connect with. It’s not enough to just say your business is female friendly; you need to show it through your messaging and your company values. She Digital is committed to helping businesses reach women through powerful content that is engaging, informative, problem-solving and entertaining.


In order to reach women, you need to be authentic and prove that you understand your female audience. Currently, in the market, many brands claim to have a really good connection with their female demographic. But actions speak louder than words. What brands are actually producing and the messages they’re communicating don’t necessarily represent that demographic in a way that’s now relevant.

In the media, we often see the use of stereotypes and out-dated gender roles like dad outside washing the car, and mum inside making lunch. What does the modern-Australian family even look like now? It’s not always mum and dad at the helm of every home that is for sure! We also see the use of specific colours, which show a real misunderstanding of gender roles in the current climate. Women’s roles and status have changed dramatically over the years and with that, the portrayal of women in advertising and media must evolve.

Research shows 91 per cent of women say advertisers don’t understand them, but She Digital is here to help you start genuinely engaging your female audience. We excel at interpreting how a brand should be speaking to their female customers, and we create content around that.

Content Creation Experts

She Digital is a team of content creation experts who understand women, their needs, wants, challenges and responsibilities. We can tell your brand’s story and give you the authentic voice you are looking for so you can reach a very powerful demographic of people.

She Digital can demonstrate your understanding of your female customers through storytelling and content across a variety of mediums. We’ve done it hundreds of times before, in almost every category from automotive and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.

We have knowledge and expertise in video production, writing, and design and have extensive experience in television, cinema, print and outdoor advertising.

Get in touch with She Digital today to discover the power of working with female-friendly video content creators so you can start telling your story to a new and influential audience.