“Around two-thirds of marketers are using videos for marketing; you can’t afford to be left out.”

(Hurley, 2019)

The statistics show that businesses, whatever their size, need to invest in digital marketing to be competitive. Video is a solid investment with video marketers on average receiving a 54% increase in brand awareness.

What are you really paying for?

When you work with a team of experts in video content marketing, you are not only engaging someone to film content. An experienced creative production agency will work with their client to develop the brief, produce the content, and deliver the finished product on time and on budget. In an industry like video content marketing, essentially you get what you pay for.

What factors influence cost?

Every video is the product of a customised package, tailored to the specific needs and nature of a client’s business. How much does it cost? Well, what are your specific needs? There are a number of factors that will influence the cost of your video content and price varies for every client. In our experience, most clients don’t find the investment is less than they anticipated. 

Factors that influence your investment include but are not limited to:

  • Budget
  • Length of video content
  • Location
  • Video editing
  • Talent requirements on set
  • Number of people involved
  • Time to develop the content
  • Voice Over Artist
  • Song/Audio track needed
  • After Effects
  • Animation

Still not convinced?

Consider how much businesses who successfully invest in content stand out from the crowd. In such a cluttered digital advertising space, you can’t afford not to invest in video, and it’s probably not as expensive as you think. If you would like to discuss pricing options and our services in more detail, feel free to contact us via this page.