Why Video Testimonials

Why do testimonial videos help generate sales? 

It's one thing for you to say the product or service you offer is excellent. But it's an entirely different thing for one of your existing or previous clients to sing your praises and to write about the product or service that you offer.

Testimonials are influential, and a powerful piece of content marketing because you're leveraging an existing client to sell the story of your business. 

Having a customer recount their experience with you is very influential. They can narrate what they loved, any frustrations they had encountered in the past, and what you managed to overcome and why the experience with you was superior to anything they had tried before is very influential. Video testimonials can inspire other people who might need that product or service to engage your services. 


Content marketing is all about storytelling.

A testimonial should focus on the benefits that your product or service offers and the way that you overcome problems.

Testimonials offer an official recap of what it's like to engage your products or services. Video is the most compelling way of capturing that experience. 

With video, you get the real sense of the look and the feel. You see first hand what the experience was like engaging with your business. 

People do trust testimonials more because there's greater credibility with that experience because this is a paying customer who's engaged with your business. 

Your client is giving their honest and authentic review of working with you.

Video drives 80% of all website traffic. People's preference is to consume video. There is a high retention rate of information presented in a video. This can be by text or a still image so people will retain more information if they've consumed the testimonial via video. 

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Where do you use a video testimonial?

We recommend that you place that video on your YouTube channel; it should also be created into a blog post on your website.

Your testimonial videos can be published on your social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. 

Testimonials work well in other areas like TV screens in your office where they can play on rotation, helping potential customers make their choice.

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