Events Aren’t Dead, You Just Need To Document Them

Increasingly clients are choosing to document their event through video. We’ve been asked to capture everything from fashion parades, to guest speakers, charity balls, business milestones, product launches, and in-room auctions. This change in approach to event management represents a shift in strategy, and we like it!

Traditionally organising an event involves developing a budget (and blowing it!), curating a guest list, selecting a venue, arranging catering and entertainment, mapping out content and creating a run sheet.

In days gone past, if you did all of these things well, you usually got some coverage in the press, which felt good. However, the most significant shift we’ve seen in the event landscape is how difficult it is to get traditional media coverage. With increasingly skeletal staffing, traditional media rarely have the resources to attend events, leave alone devote inches of coverage to it.

“The changing event landscape has left planners feeling disenfranchised and questioning whether the weeks of preparation are worth it commercially.”

Instead of giving up on events completely, savvy brands are recognising, they can extend the reach and lifetime of the activity by capturing the event and distributing the content after.

Should you film your event? We vote, yes! And here are the reasons why:

Video Increases Your Reach

By documenting the event, you can reach people beyond the invite list or enable those on the list who weren’t able to attend to feel like they were a part of it.

Video Content is Highly Shareable

Video is a highly shareable piece of content, primarily when published on social media. Posting the video is a lovely way of thanking your guests for attending and reminding them what fun they had! Some guests will spot themselves and their friends in the content and tag away, further distributing the content.

Video is a highly shareable piece of content, primarily when published on social media.

Increased Promotional Longevity

Organising an event often takes months. When the impact of all your hard work is only felt for a few hours, it can feel pointless – unless you capture it and extend the value. We’ve seen clients post a video montage to social media or distribute a video press release less than 24-hours post wrap. Some clients even request specific elements like a key speech to seed new pieces of blog content.

A Great Chance to Showcase your Company Culture

An event can give an insight into your company culture, providing a little preview into your values by showing how your business operates outside of 9-5. Capturing this can inadvertently act as a recruitment tool and remind your staff and clients why they’re loyal to you.

An Excellent Future Promotional Tool

If you run multiple similar events, documenting at least one of them is essential. The video will serve as an excellent promotional tool and help to drive ticket sales of future events.

An Increased Opportunity to Gain Exposure

We’ve had many high-five moments with clients when they’ve been able to secure free mainstream media coverage, by providing high-quality imagery. Traditional media might be less resourced, but they’re still hungry for good content. If you can offer it, chances are their newsroom will run it!

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