She Digital is an in-house, creative team of experts who specialise in video creation.  We have a proven track record of creating content that speaks to women – Australia’s household decision makers. The ultimate compliment for us is when a client says “you know how to tell our story better than us” – and we get that endorsement a lot!

We solve the time squeeze experienced by marketing departments universally by taking ownership of the entire project. We bring our expertise and suite of experienced creators and become an extension of your team. We are with you every step of the way, from uncovering the story that is valuable, useful, and compelling to your customers, to helping you to make decisions about a modern-day distribution strategy.    

1. Brief

All good content begins with a creative brief, but ironically it doesn’t mean you need to be creative, nor spend hours pouring over it.  We provide a briefing template, and you simply populate the fields with information like who you want to target, your goals, any must-mention information, and you might even like to include any current business challenges or opportunities.  At this stage, we will also ask you to provide us with your brand guideline and high-resolution logo.

2. Create

This is when we join your team and provide the content marketing resources you’ve dreamed of. We take your brief and get imaginative while remaining true to your brand. We combine research, competitor analysis, global content marketing trends, and most importantly, a sensitivity for what your customers want to consume to develop a concept in response to your creative brief. At this step, you’ll feel understood and confident that we are set to deliver content you’ll be very proud to have associated with your brand.

3. Assemble

Executing a content marketing program takes many skilled creatives, and fortunately, we have assembled them ready to work on your project. We have an elite team of editors, strategists, writers, videographers, and designers, who will be enlisted to execute the creative vision. We also have well-run processes, which means you’ll feel connected to your project every step of the way.  At this point, you will receive a call-sheet outlining your production, including the details of location, talent, crew and timeline – it will even communicate what the weather will be on the day! And if you’ve got any questions, your Client Integration Manager is just a call or email away.

4. Produce

It’s shoot day. Let us work our magic! This is when our systemised approach pays off, and our creative team combines to bring the vision to reality. When we wrap, we have so many clients say ‘I was dreading that, but it was so much fun!’ and our little creative hearts swell.

5. Deliver

The first edit will be delivered within 10 working days because modern-day distribution doesn’t entertain old school delays. Opening your content to view it for the very first time will be like Christmas, you’ll feel a delicious blend of nerves, excitement and anticipation. And we are pleased to say we have a reputation for delivering the goods!

6. Polish

There is always the chance to tinker, but so good are our systems, creative briefing process, listening skills, and production crew, that we very rarely have to edit content for clients. If we do, it’s generally very minor and accommodated within 48 hours…because 2020 distribution channels don’t wait for slow editors.

7. Distribute

Now it’s time to start spreading the news…or content! Did you know that with just one piece of base video you can seed content in many, many places? Your website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and email are all excellent starting points. Your Client Integration Manager will assist you in developing your distribution strategy and provide advice on harvesting your audience.

8. Review

We never say goodbye, it’s always see you later…to review the performance of your content and distribution strategy and to plan the next round of content marketing creative.