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Established in 2012, She Shopped is a leading Australian aggregator website that connects leading brands with a highly engaged audience of women. She Shopped relies on sister site She Digital for almost all it's video content.

She Shopped serves as a trusted voice for our online community, made up predominantly of women aged 22 – 44.  We are experts at starting conversations about our brand partners products and services, and in doing so, influencing the consumption decisions of our audience, many of whom control spending by their families.

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We connect our community with leading brands across fashion, travel, beauty, home, auto and life and we do it with heart.

Each month She Shopped welcomes more than 45,000 unique visitors to our website and speaks with around a million fans on our social media channels.  This referral model results in effective, authentic and economical online advertising campaigns across almost every category including Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), automotive, travel, professional services and things to do.

Advertising campaigns with She Shopped consist of a multi-platform approach and include:

  • Blog article:  Written by us, approved by you, and housed on an ongoing basis on She Shopped with backlinks and keywords for SEO.
  • She Shopped social posts:  Across both our Facebook and Instagram platforms, engaging with over 85,000 women.
  • She Shopped re-targeting campaigns:  Bringing ‘window shoppers’ back when they’re ready to buy.  
  • Newsletter inclusions:  Inclusion in our She Weekly EDM, reaching 21,000 subscribers.


Why target women?

Now more than ever, women are making the majority of financial decisions in their households.  With female spending power estimated to be worth $28 trillion worldwide, She Shopped is an ideal platform for your business to maximise its potential in this market.   

Women want to be heard, recognised and represented, and yet 91% agree that advertisers do not understand them.  This offers a huge opportunity to create content about your brand that talks directly to females, in a way that they want to be communicated with.  

How do we target women?

She Shopped engages by using authentic content that respects our multi-tasking, sociable and digitally confident community of Australian women.  

Females are more likely to share content that connects with them; She Shopped can make your message reach further.  

Our high quality and compelling brand videos, photography and blogs content are communicated through the She Shopped website, our social media channels and the She Weekly newsletter.

Who does She Shopped work with?

She Shopped works with a diverse range of brands across numerous industries.  Recent brand partners include: Adelaide Airport, ACHA Health, Discovery Holiday Parks, Harbour Town Premium Outlets, Repromed Fertility Specialists, TAFE SA, RSPCA, Plush Sofas and Hospital Research Home Lottery.

Get in touch with She Shopped today and see how we can promote your brand to an audience who is ready to listen.  


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